sacook Remote Project Administration has a huge respect for SAFETY!!

 sacook Remote Project Admin workers have all current Safety Training Certificates

Such as…

             H2S Alive

             Standard First Aid



All Training is recertified every three years or sooner.

sacook Remote Project Administration Safety Program that we encourage and exercise are…

  • Continuous Training
  • Safety Inspections on vehicles and office environments
  • Monthly Safety Meetings
  • Review of sacook Safety Manual
  • Journey Management
  • Equipment Procedures
  • Open Communication Policy
  • D & A Testing

Sacook Safety Program is always changing and getting better – Keeping up with the ongoing Industry Changes can be a challenge. 


Shelley Cook



2 thoughts on “SAFETY PROGRAM

    1. infosacookrpa Post author

      Hi Marina

      Thank You for looking at my web site and inquiring about my Safety Program. I hired a consultant to Admin my
      Safety Systems her name is Darlene Davison she lived in the Grande Prairie area.


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