sacook Remote Project Administration has huge respect for SAFETY!!

sacook Remote Project Admin workers have all current Safety Training Certificates

Such as…

  •              H2S Alive
  •              Standard First Aid
  •              PCST
  •              eGSO

All Training is recertified every three years or sooner.

sacook Remote Project Administration Safety Program that we encourage and exercise are…

  • Continuous Training
  • Safety Inspections on vehicles and office environments
  • Monthly Safety Meetings
  • Review of sacook Safety Manual
  • Journey Management
  • Equipment Procedures
  • Open Communication Policy
  • D & A Testing

Sacook Safety Program is always changing and getting better – Keeping up with the ongoing Industry Changes can be a challenge.

Shelley Cook


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    1. Hi Marina

      Thank You for looking at my web site and inquiring about my Safety Program. I hired a consultant to Admin my
      Safety Systems her name is Darlene Davison she lived in the Grande Prairie area.

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